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Laurrhie Brouns is a Haitian/Dutch singer and songwriter.

Her music can be best described as European K-pop with a soulful touch or, in her own words, “MY spin on K-pop music!”.

This beautiful and fiercely talented artist created her own unique sound/genre (EuroKpop), by not only blending together the futuristic electronic K-pop sounds of the East with her powerful soulful voice and pop / r & b / hip hop / soul influences of the West, but her love for this style and the culture has also led her to incorporate Korean into her English lyrics.

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Laurrhie's debut EP Ascension: Golden seeds of light (written, co-produced and executive produced by Laurrhie) is OUT & AVAILABLE now! At digital stores & streaming services: iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, 7Digital, Shazam.

Laurrhie: "My EP serves as the first part of what you could call a "two-part story". It's about a variety of things. It's kind of a hybrid of not just my own personal evolution process & experiences, but simultaneously this massive process that we as a collective are currently undergoing as we collectively purge, heal, grow, evolve, and navigate towards becoming the best versions of ourselves, realize the connection that we all share, and unlock our full potential as the powerful infinite beings that we are and always have been. Each of my songs represents a phase in this process, each song is a "seed of light", a "seed of illumination" if you will, but most of all.. a "seed of L.O.V.E". Through my songs, I hope to comfort, uplift & inspire you to become who you were always meant to be and to go beyond whatever you think yourself to be capable of.  It is my hope & my intention that when you listen to my music, when you hear & read my lyrics, it will lift you up, fill you up, raise your vibration, SKY ROCKET your frequency, soothe you, bring you joy... MOVE your heart and stir your soul in every way possible and activate the evolution of.. YOU !"



Even as a little girl, it was clear to those around her that Laurrhie was a very gifted soul. One with a tremendous love and talent, not just for music, but for acting and dancing as well.

At twenty-seven years of age, already she’s built up a very impressive résumé. For starters, Laurrhie has performed three times at the huge Arena in Amsterdam for a crowd of 50.000 people each time. She did a club tour across the Netherlands, shared the stage with Emeli Sandé and with Bob Marley’s legendary band The Wailers.
In 2012 Laurrhie played the role of Shandra in the Dutch big screen movie Alleen maar nette mensen, directed by Lodewijk Crijns. This isn’t the first time she’s ventured out into the acting field, for in her younger years Laurrhie played the leading lady Dorothy in the Dutch musical The Wizard of Oz by Stichting Jeugdmusical Amsterdam (2002).
Laurrhie also has years of dance experience under her belt. In 1997 she got accepted into the prestigious Dutch National Ballet Academy, and danced in Die Zauberflöte. In addition to classical ballet, Laurrhie has danced Jazz, Street dance and Hip hop.

In the spring of 2012, Laurrhie decided to audition for The Voice of Holland and went down a sensation. She became a viewer favorite and was dubbed "The discovery" & "The one to watch". Laurrhie made it through, all the way to the 3rd live show, but unfortunately exited the show right before the quarterfinals. Her "Voice" adventure may have ended, but her artistic journey has yet to begin.