LAURRHIE TV : Laurrhie Brouns 로 리 브라운스 -2NE1 Live K-Pop Cover COME BACK HOME

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Watch Laurrhie Brouns 로리브라운스 - Live K-Pop Cover -2NE1 COME BACK HOME

LAURRHIE TV : Laurrhie Brouns 로 리 브라운스 - Gouden Notekraker Awards 2018

Watch NEW - LAURRHIE TV - Video : Laurrhie Brouns 로 리 브라운스 - Gouden Notekraker Awards 2018

Laurrhie attends the Gouden Notekraker Awards 2018

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Laurrhie on the golden carpet @ Gouden Notekraker Awards 2018 ( picture by Eelkje Colmjon)

Laurrhie on new (Dutch) TV show "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SING" (SBS6)

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Tis a secret NO MORE! 

I am on the new (Dutch) Television Show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SING 🎤 

Premieres April 17th @ 21.30 (9.30 pm) on SBS 6!

Wanna know exactly which episode I am on? 

Then by all means stay tuned! 

To be continued... wink

Laurrhie featured in Nabalo Lifestyle Magazine!

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I am featured in the newest edition of Nabalo Lifestyle Magazine! 

The theme for this issue is 'Empowerment' & its purpose is to do exactly that ;  Empower each and everyone of you on e-v-e-r-y level possible !!!! 

In it (page 86-90), I go deep as I share my personal story with you and talk IN DEPTH about my MUSIC , and sooo much more! 

The new edition of Nabalo Lifestyle Magazine is out and available NOW!

You can get your hands on your very own FREE copy right here ➡ 

Laurrhie Featured on UK BLOG AWARDS 2017 NOMINATED Music Blog Liquid Entertainment Online

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WOW! UK BLOG AWARDS (2017) NOMINEE: Liquid Entertainment Online picked ME as *VERGE OF STARDOM ARTIST* !!! Here's a little bit of what this (seriously!) awesome blog had to say about me & my music ;
"Her voice and overall sound is full of SOUL, POWER, EMOTION and CONTROL - many credits that are required of INTERNATIONAL MEGASTAR *DIVAS such as ADELE, BEYONCE and ALICIA KEYS - all of which I would very much like to align LAURRHIE'S TALENTS to... but there's MORE. Not only does Laurrhie's music incorporate elements of soul and R&B both within her vocals and instrumentals, but she has entwined this with K-POP to add a UNIQUE twist, which Laurrhie calls EUROKPOP! It's not something I'm really able to describe to you, which is why YOU NEED TO TREAT YASSELF. It's probably going to be something NEW for you but, you never know, you may really FALL IN LOVE." 

Read more here:

Laurrhie's song RISE claims *SONG OF THE WEEK* spot @ UK'S New Lease Music!

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OMG this just happened : 

My song Rise 이러나 claimed the spot of SONG OF THE WEEK @ UK's 'New Lease Music'. Awesomeness!! 

High vibrational music for the win! Oh yeah oh yeah!!!

Laurrhie's song "RISE" gets picked as *SONG OF THE DAY* by New Lease Music (UK)

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New Lease Music (UK) Chose my song RISE as Song of the day! Calling it " A FOUR MINUTE MUST-LISTEN " and " A REAL SUGARY SPINE TINGLING SENSATION! ->  "

Laurrhie Featured on Britz N Beatz (UK)

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Britz N Beatz (UK/LONDON) Featured me and my music! 

Go to ->

to read more and to watch my "Live, Up close & Personal" release film.

In my film I talk about my music, my journey, my LOVE for K-Pop and how I created my very own music genre -> 'Eurokpop' <- 

I even get quizzed on my Korean 한국 skills! 

And you can also watch me do a LIVE performance of 1 of my songs "Taboo 타부", from my debut EP 미니앨범  "Ascension: Golden Seeds of Light " (OUT & AVAILABLE NOW @ digital stores & streaming services)

Video shot by the amazing: YoSoyVideo


My EP Ascension: Golden seeds of light is AVAILABLE NOW!!!

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It's finally that day; My EP "Ascension: Golden Seeds of Light " is AVAILABLE at digital stores & streaming services!!!!!

Listen / Get Ascension: Golden Seeds of Light  :

iTunes - Spotify -TIDAL - Amazon - DEEZER - Google Play - 7Digital - Shazam